BBC’s Requirements

The floor had to meet the strict demands of the BBC for camera tracking purposes and had to pass their three stage camera pedestal test prior to hand over.

To avoid nuisance static electricity, the studio floor system includes our Static Dissipative Finish which has been successful in other BBC and Independent Studios.

Additional features included:

  1. Static Dissipative Finish
  2. Fire Lanes in red
  3. Guard Rails to be fitted
  4. Scribing the floor to provide a reference grid
  5. Numerals for the grid
  6. Holding bolts
  7. Installation of a Hearing Induction Loop
  • Completion date: May 2007.
  • Size of floor: Three Studios, a total of 1,250 square metres.
  • Installation Programme: The three studios were installed in two phases as part of the technical Fit – Out Programme in October 2006 and May 2007.
  • Flooring selected: The Elgood Studio Floor System

Static Performance

The Studio Floor will have no inclines which might produce unwanted camera movement from a stationary position.

Dynamic Performance

The studio floor will have no surface imperfections which might disrupt smooth camera movement (i.e. shudders or jolts) when tracking across the floor.

The Elgood Guarantee

The Studio Floor System has been developed, designed, manufactured and installed entirely by Elgood Flooring Ltd and is supported by our 10 Year Materials and Workmanship Guarantee.

Condition of Subfloor

A rough and undulating concrete floor that varied in level from – 20 to – 58 mm below finished floor level.

BBC Specified

The full Elgood Television Studio Floor System having found this to be successful over the last fifteen years.

The Finished Floor

Is suitable for the application of studio Floor Paints and Peelable Papers used in the production of programmes.


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