Condition of floor

The sub floor was a power floated concrete.


Shotblasting was used to clean the concrete of dust and to provide a physical key for the application of the floor.

Installation Programme

The 900 square metre installation was completed over two weeks in December.

Granada Television Required

A studio floor with no inclines which might produce unwanted camera movement from a stationary position. The studio floor was to have no surface imperfections which might disrupt smooth camera movement (i.e. shudders or jolts that are magnified by the pedestal) when tracking across the floor.

To reduce nuisance static electricity, the Elgood Static Dissipative finish was applied. This finish has an electrical safety resistivity in the range of 104 to 1010 ohms. The static dissipative finish has a conductive layer that is over laid with the operating surface.

Chosen Floor Finish(es)

The Elgood Studio Floor System designed to meet the high standards compulsory in Television production.

The Elgood Static Dissipative Finish.


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