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Bath Spa University Studio A

  • Location – Newton St Loe, Bath, Somerset.
  • Completion date – July 2023.
  • Area – 210 sq m

Our Universal Television Studio Floor was installed at Bath Spa University in 2014.

The floor was in a good condition and had been used by production companies and students.

Unfortunately, the build-up of semi-permanent Mylands Studio Floor Paint had gone beyond the capability of their removal fluid Mylands Scrub Wash.

Working with the Studio Technical team, we advised and carried out a trial patch using our proposed methodology.

The decision was made to remove the paint mechanically and to restore the surface.

The layers of paint were stripped away using vacuum contained diamond grinding machines fitted with appropriate blades for the task.

The Elgood Universal Television Studio Floor Operating Surface.

Approximately 4 mm.

An opportunity was found at the end of the Summer Semester. The treatment was completed in six days.

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