Customer Service

Elgood Flooring are always pleased to provide ongoing advice on the use of your studio floor. We have also developed some practical coating systems for fast turn-a-around studios designed to avoid routine washing and the associated disposal problems.

Providing studio floors to all the main users over the past 40 years means that we have accumulated a vast amount of experience which enables us to offer practical solutions to common problems.

To complement our range of Television Studio Floors we can also provide the following services:

  • Removal of Mylands Semi Permanent Paints
  • Storage and transfer of the waste from the removal of studio paints
  • Chemical removal of tacky residue from adhesive tapes and vinyls
  • Removal of low tack peelable vinyl floors.

Repair and Refurbishment Services

Fire Lane Alterations and Installation / reinstatement of grids and reference numbers.

Refurbishment of the operating surface without having to remove the Elgood Studio Floor beneath. Typically this would be completed in 6-7 days depending on the size and condition of the floor.

Assured Call Out Service

All repairs and servicing are carried out by our full-time employees.

The Elgood Studio Floor Range

  • Elgood Universal Studio Floor: The Original Full Specification to meet multi camera tracking demands in a heavy use major production studio.
  • Elgood Fixed Presentation: Designed for Studios with semi-permanent sets where specific colours and effects are required.
  • Elgood Flexible Presentation: Designed for studios where multiple sets are used and a fast turnaround is essential.

Performance Specification

Seamless and High Impact

Camera Pedestal Performance: The floor is guaranteed to meet our client’s static and dynamic camera pedestal requirements.

Nuisance Static Electricity: The floor is supplied with a static dissipative finish as standard.

Working Floor: The floor is compatible with Mylands Semi-Permanent Studio Floor Paints. Peelable low tack self-adhesive layers can also be applied before painting. We are always pleased to advise.

The floor can be mechanically washed on a regular basis.


Elgood Flooring confidently provide a 10 Year Design, Materials and Workmanship Guarantee.

Quality Control

Our studio floor systems are manufactured in our UK facility. Elgood Flooring supply and install the System, there is NO division of responsibility. We specialise in working directly with and for our clients.


The high-performance specification demanded in a modern television studio requires a knowledgeable installation team.

Elgood Flooring have maintained an ‘in house’ team over the last 40 years and their accrued practical experience and training ensures that the highest quality studio floor is installed first time, every time.

The studio floor installation team strive to improve the performance of our studio floors and uphold our reputation in the broadcasting industry.

Life Expectancy

There are numerous examples around the UK of our studio floors continuing to perform after 12 + years of service. Most clients have found that on average it is 15 years before they even feel it necessary to begin to considering a surface refurbishment.

At Pacific Quay where we installed in 2006/7, our floors continue to serve BBC Scotland in their original form.

Prior to ITV’s The London Studios being closed, our floors had been in use for over 20 years as had the floors at BBC Studioworks at Television Centre and many at Elstree.

Floors at QVC, IMG Media, Pinewood and Sky are now all over 10 years old.

The combination of minimal maintenance and an extended working life keeps running costs and disruption to a minimum. Our floors provide long term value.

Call Out Service

We offer this service for repairs and servicing using our full-time studio team.

Building Specification

We want to make certain that each installation is a success and are pleased to contribute advice and to liaise from point of design to installation.

The Elgood Universal Television System is typically 35mm thick. We need a smooth concrete base, preferably power floated, set at a level of -35mm to the required finished floor level. The concrete base should be within + / – 6mm of the -35mm level.

We take responsibility for the entire installation from this point.