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Multi Camera Studio Floor at Kelvin Hall Glasgow

Having successfully installed our Universal Television Studio Floor System many times for BBC Studioworks, Elgood Flooring were approached to provide a new 10,500 sq ft studio floor for BBC Studioworks at Kelvin Hall in Glasgow.

BBC Scotland have four Elgood Studio Floors at their Pacific Quay, Glasgow complex. These were installed in 2007.

From our initial TEAMS meetings with the BBC Studioworks, Glasgow City Builders and the building design team, it was apparent that this fast-track project had specific challenges.

Firstly, the ground floor slab in the studio was to excavated and replaced. To meet the fast-track programme, the new television floor would have to be laid over the new concrete within weeks of the concrete slab being poured. The Elgood design team worked closely with Glasgow City Building on both the design and specification of the concrete slab.

It was critical that we used a moisture tolerant screed system to overcome potential issues arising from residual moisture in the new concrete

Having confidence in their product research and development, Elgood Flooring consulted Ardex UK and quickly agreed on a specification for the levelling screed base, comprising of Ardex 1C DPM, R3E and A38 rapid dry cement.

A completely flat floor is vital for camera tracking. With over 40 years experience of designing and installing television studio floors we have a unique understanding of the process.

Elgood Flooring were keen to involve a local screeding specialist to work alongside our studio flooring team.

We produced a mockup of our steel television levelling battens which we would install. ATS agreed to lay the Ardex A38 screed to these having immediately understood the importance of flatness.

Having installed a level, moisture tolerant screed, we were then ready to install the Elgood Universal Television Studio Floor. Primarily, the Elgood floor surface profile supports camera pedestal use and the floor loadings associated with a large production studio. In addition, the floor surface is static dissipative and designed to be used with semi-permanent studio floor paints.

A fire lane, numerals and reference grid were installed to Studiowork’s instruction.

The Elgood Studio Floor was installed over a four week period at the very early stage of the studio construction, such that the studio floor could be used for the technical fit out of the new studio.

The studio opened on 30th September.

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