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BBC Elstree Centre – Eastenders Stage 3

  • Installation: Phase 2 conversion of a workshop into Stage 3 for Eastenders.
  • Location: Borehamwood, Herts.
  • Completion date: June 2015.
  • Area: 600 sq m.
  • Programme: 3 weeks.
  • Main Contractor: Interserve Construction.
  • Sub Floor: An old granolithic topped concrete which varied in level by 40 mm.


The installation of the floor formed part of the final fit out avoiding costly and wasteful protection and ensuring that we had a clean environment in which to operate.


The Elgood Studio Floor System has been proven over 40 years with more than 130 studio installations.

With an average working life of more than 10 + years these studio floors provide long term economy and have been used with great success by the BBC at Elstree , Television Centre and Pacific Quay.

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Truly Single Source. The systems are designed, manufactured and installed by Elgood Industrial Flooring Ltd to meet the exacting criteria demanded by broadcasters.

Selected Product

The Elgood Universal Television Studio Floor System.

Dynamic Camera Pedestal Performance.

The floor must provide a surface that is free from any defects which will result in vibration passing from the camera pedestal to the camera as the pedestal is tracked across the floor.

Studio Floor Durability.

The Elgood studio floor system has a 4mm thick wearing surface to resist the the heavy use associated with a modern production studio floor.


Anti static finish as standard to eliminate nuisance static electricity that would otherwise interfere with camera use.


The Studio floor can receive semi permanent studio floor paints such as Mylands and be scrubbed clean as a matter of routine.

The original sub floor was old granolithic-topped concrete that varied in level by 40 mm which we had to transform into a floor suitable for multiple camera pedestals and multiple sets. Residues of paint and latex screed and adhesive had to be removed using a combination of preparation machines.

The floor had to be beyond SR1 (SR1 is not sufficient for a studio floor) to ensure that cameras cannot roll from a static position anywhere on the floor. The surface had to be free from any defects which would result in vibration passing from the camera pedestal to the camera as it is tracked across the floor.

Elgood Studio Flooring is the only company to have a purpose designed studio floor system and the associated unique installation methods required for television studios.

We were proud to continue our association with the BBC.

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