• Completion date: January 2012
  • Areas: 4 studios, Greater London.
  • Programme: 8 weeks
  • Product: The Elgood Universal Television Studio Floor System

The floor provides optimum camera pedestal performance.

The floor is perfect for Multi Camera use. A camera can be used anywhere on the floor making it ideal for multiple sets.

The floor is free of undulations, inclines and surface irregularities. These details are of no consequence on most floors, but totally unacceptable in a modern HD television studio.

Tough wearing surface designed to withstand the range of use expected of a modern HD studio facility.


We retain a small in-house team of full time employees specifically trained to install the Elgood Range of Studio floorings, the demand for which is intermittent.

All serve an apprenticeship of four years.

Truly Single Source

Buy with confidence. The systems are designed, manufactured and installed by Elgood Industrial Flooring Ltd to meet the exacting criteria demanded by broadcasters.


With our Track Record and the lengthy time over which we have been established, QVC can have confidence in our 10 Workmanship and Materials Guarantee and back up Support / Repair service as and when it is required.

Performance & Value

The longevity of the floor has proved that the Elgood System is great value in the long term. QVC inherited BSB’s floors and this served as a great advert for our systems.


The Elgood Studio Floor System has been proven over 30 years with more than 115 studio installations. With an average working life of more than 10 + years these studio floors provide long term economy.


Anti static finish as standard to eliminate nuisance static electricity that would otherwise interfere with camera use.


The Studio floor can receive semi permanent studio floor paints such as Mylands and be scrubbed clean as a matter of routine.


In order to meet the requirements of the Design Team, Elgood Flooring were asked to provide Karndean Plank Flooring in two of the studios.

With the Elgood Universal Television Studio floor underneath QVC still benefit from the the high specification and are able to use Multiple Cameras.

The Karndean Flooring received a thin Anti Static Treatment.

Working Directly for QVC

Ensured that QVC were able to choose our floor system.

Elgood Flooring project managed and installed.

We liaised and worked alongside other trades involved in the Technical Fit Out.


QVC inherited floors laid by Elgood Flooring over twenty years ago when they moved into the BSB building Marco Polo House in London. The floors have performed successfully and have required nil maintenance. The floors will continue to be used until the switchover to the new complex is complete in June 2012.

This outstanding track record and Elgood Flooring’s extensive experience recommended Elgood flooring to QVC and enabled us to win the contract for QVC’s Chiswick Park Complex.

Elgood Flooring liaised with QVC for over a year prior to the installation of the floor. QVC removed the Studio Flooring from the Main Contractor’s Package of Works to retain control of the choice of flooring.

Television Studio Flooring is an integral part of the final technical fit out and should not be undertaken as part of the general Design and Build.

This approach has been adopted by others including Sky.

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