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TV3 Television Network

  • Installation: Studio 1 Dublin, Ireland
  • Completion date: December 2016
  • Area: 225 sq m.
  • Programme: 8 days
  • Sub Floor: A granolithic concrete with a thin resin topping.


The floor was assessed for undulations and high points which could interfere with and impede camera tracking.


Elgood Flooring project managed and installed.


We removed the floor paint from the floor using vacuum contained diamond grinding.


The Elgood Studio Floor System has been proven over 30 years with more than 130 studio installations. With an average working life of more than 10 + years these studio floors provide long term economy.

Elgood Flooring managed the project with their SMSTS and SSSTS qualified management.

Buy with confidence

Truly Single Source. The systems are designed, manufactured and installed by Elgood Industrial Flooring Ltd to meet the exacting criteria demanded by broadcasters.

Selected Product

The Elgood Universal Television Studio Operating Surface. The floor provides optimum camera pedestal performance.

The floor was laid in the colour Dusty Grey RAL7037.


Anti static finish as standard to eliminate nuisance static electricity that would otherwise interfere with camera use.


The Studio floor can receive semi permanent studio floor paints such as Mylands and be scrubbed clean as a matter of routine.

TV3 are upgrading their facilities with Studio 1 set to become their first full high definition studio. This presented them with their first opportunity in 18 years to improve and refurbish their floor.

TV3 had a sub-floor that had been laid suitably level for us to be able to offer our 6mm operating surface as an economical alternative to the full Elgood Universal Television Studio Floor.

Elgood Studio Flooring is the only company to have a purpose designed studio floor system and the associated unique installation methods required for television studios.

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